MA 433 - Graph Theory, Boston University, Spring 2023. For more details, see Blackboard.


MA 242 - Linear Algebra, Boston University, Fall 2023. For more details, see Blackboard.

Math 17 - Introduction to Mathematics Beyond Calculus: the abc conjecture, Dartmouth College, Winter 2023. For more details, see Canvas.

Math 1 - Introduction to Calculus, Dartmouth College, Fall 2021.

Math 369 - Linear Algebra, Colorado State University, Summer 2019.

Math 160 - Calculus for Physical Scientists I, Colorado State University, Spring 2019.

Math 161 - Calculus for Physical Scientists II, Colorado State University, Fall 2018.

Math 261 - Calculus for Physical Scientists III, Colorado State University, Summer 2018.


Preliminary Arizona Winter School 2022: Heights and Model Theory (PAWS): teaching assistant, Fall 2022.

Directed reading program: Elliptic Curves, Winter 2021.

Directed reading program: Introduction to Algebraic Geometry, Winter 2020.


Assistant director at PACe (Paced Algebra to Calculus electronically), Fall 2019 - Summer 2020.